Marie-Christine Grimard - From France

Today a small part of Ricardo Nagualero’s soul came to my house. A small part of the artist, but which fills my house with a breath of wind came from Sweden. This Is My Third Painting now, A small piece of the universe of the artist, who will give us countless hours of contemplation and pleasure. I became the lucky owner of a work entitled "An Act of Love Between Heaven and Earth". A dream come true.
Shared at several levels, like the mind of the artist, who shares his words, his beautiful sentences, as well as his surrealist ideas and colors.

This painting is for me an allegory, with multiple levels of interpretation, as each work of Ric Nagualero. In the foreground, mother earth, fertilized by water from the sky and the energy of the universe. The constant renewal of the seasons that we made survive us humans. By the way, you get lost in the scenery and serenity of the lake which runs under the stormy sky. The power of the wind and the storm broke off, illuminating the horizon. In the background, emerges a beautiful iris, which fascinates us.

I love watching this fabulous eye, the eyelid carbonaceous, which includes in its iris the character's head, to hypnotize him. This fascination is similar to hypnosis. And, in this beautiful cloudy sky, a fabulous shadow emerges and watches the scene, to reminds us that a higher power guiding us.

Thank you Ric, this little part of you that through that painting gives us countless hours of happiness ... Thank you for reminding us that dreams can come true ...
Like many others, I believe in your talent and I thank you for letting us share."


Irina Serban - From Italy

I am the proud owner of 'The Noble Act of Starting Over Again', 'One Perfect Circle of Light' & Agape under a full moon Rising"

I realized that I do not have 3 paintings on my walls but 3 windows towards worlds of pure and genuine beauty and magic, they enchant my days and offer me different 'sceneries' each and every time I lose myself in contemplating.

They are not made with brush strokes but with soul touches, they are not acrylics on canvas but heart on canvas. Nagualero's passion and love in painting them is obvious and seems to pervade the atmosphere in your home too...

I highly recommend purchasing Nagualero's art... Having his paintings in one's home offers a unique experience!

Entrancing, breathtaking, magical... i keep looking at your paintings over and over each day and each and every time it is as if i saw them for the first time, they succeed in stirring the same intense emotion.

Others drink their morning coffee to feel completely woken up and start a new day...i for one need a "slice" of ric nagualero's paintings :-) they make me think and remember my first dream. THANK YOU!

Dreama Tolle Perry - From Kentucky, USA

Your art is beautiful on so many levels--like a good movie, it makes one think in layers--the first obvious things, then the deeper messages. Bravo!

Ebru Reinsch - from Stockholm, Sweden

 "Waking up on the wrong side of the bed" is one of many amazing paintings by Ric.Nagualero that I fell in love with! From the very first moment I saw it, I had 2 bring it home! I look at it every morning and evening and I can never stop being amazed by the way
it´s made and what it does 2 my mind! :) 
Once you have the opportunity to collect any of this amazing, inspiring art you will be addicted for more and more.....:) I know I am!

Valdi Solemo - From Malmö, Sweden
No frame yet, but it's up & I ♥ it

Dr. Justin J Gonzalez - From Texas, USA
Perfect! Its Beautiful, I received it Tuesday in good condition, thank you.

Julian Haring - From London, UK

I had my first great epiphany in my appreciation of Art when I stood for the first time in front of Guernica by Picasso, It suddenly hit me, that this great painting summed up perfectly the horror and futility of war! I stood there for a full 10 minutes with tears streaming down my face! And this is the point. Art (in which ever form) should do just that. It should have the ability to sum up an emotion, it should make one think, it should have a message.

Nagualero's work has the ability to do that. He obviously draws on the vast tradition of Iberian Masters. I see the vibrant colours of Miro, I see the shapes of Picasso, and of course the fluidity and surreal elements of Magritte.

By taking a phrase, a quotation, a saying or just a line from a poem, Nagualero translates this into a visual form. always pleasing on the eye, but most importantly it speaks to the audience. It makes one think. sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always thought provoking.
The true meaning of Art, it's raison d'etre, is perfectly encapsulated in his body of work. I shall continue to go back and enjoy his paintings and continue to think.........

I Can’t wait for my Painting to Arrive !

Maria El Gahly - From Stockholm, Sweden

Your amazing, colorful, painting about love, adorn our walls and warms our room, we are hugely impressed by your imagination and talent! Thank you! 

Shweta Shah - From Katmandu, Nepal

Ric, with your paintings I started learning about art and how I love it , the new feeling of being able to understand art!! Your work inspires me, transpires me and makes me smile. When my soul was shattered your paintings healed me!! I owe you big time!! All my prayers and love wishing you The BEST! 

Fatima Abreu - From Lisbon, Portugal

My painting is SUPERB !!

Ann Helen - From Oslo, Norway

I love my prints! And I'm gonna buy more .... :-)

Rosemarie Plaetke - From Fairbanks, Alaska

When the Universe Fits Inside a DewDrop:
Hi Ric, the painting arrived well. The package was in good condition. It smoothly went through US customs & arrived here already after 10 days.

It is a pleasure to have it in my home & now investigate more closely details, & how you bring in the beautiful light effects in this painting. The structure of the canvas, the little glossing you used give the painting the same color & light quality of a night in nature. Yes, the little dewdrop mirrors the sky ... a second little moon with clouds - upside down.

It is beautiful to have the choice of looking closely at it & analyze its details, or experiencing its "meditative" aspect when looking at it from further away. I appreciate so much your following up on my question whether Dogen's "moon in the dewdrop" quote would be a good idea for a painting. It was quite a surprise to find its visual version on your website one day.

Thank you also for sending a CD with the music that you listened to while doing this painting. It has been a pleasure to know you, enjoy your paintings, obtain insight into your creative process, & .... being now the owner of an original nagualero!

Violet Rose Reiki - From New York, USA

What I love about Nagualero's art is that it is clear, crisp, uncomplicated and unpretentious. It makes a bold statement but at the same time leaves you to your own interpretation. He's almost like a "spirit guide" in living flesh and bone! Keep up the great work!


Luis Oliveira Rosa - From Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you very much, Nagualero, for your talent. As you know, I am the proudly owner of " Contemplating". I just hope that God stills gives you the great inspiration to show all over the world your talent and mostly His great creation and harmony as it is represented in my painting. 

Alessandra Milito - From Los Angeles, USA

It was 3:00 in the afternoon, in sunny Los Angeles... I am never at home at this time on a Friday, but the universe made it that I'd hang at my apartment today...
It makes sense, because I HAD to be here even if I didn't know my painting would have arrived today, to sign the papers for the delivery of MY "Um Fado Lusitano" painted by the most awesome human being, artist/friend/confidant/precious soul/superstar, Ric Nagualero...
When I look at it, Ric, the heart in the negative space comes more and more obvious to me. My home now has a piece of your soul, and every time I will look at MY "Fado" a warm and thankful thought goes out to you, waves around the Pacific Ocean, keeps going strong through the freezing weather and reaches you, my precious friend, who showed me there is light even in very difficult moments. With your art, your ability to share your soul, your colors, your skies, you are truly touching people's heart. I am a proud (the word proud doesn't do justice) owner and I know already a future major collector, of Nagualero's art. My Captain, thank you, it is gorgeous, I love it and I'd be staring at it all night.

I love the tiny leaves flying around!!!!!!!!!!! As I seem to be repeating quite often... You Rock! Keep them coming, 'cause I'm having withdrawals already! :) Grazie, Ric! Sei grande!

Sandra Strömberg - From Stockholm, Sweden

They look so alive, feels like being in the painting while watching it, When looking at the ocean pics i can smell the salty sea, when looking at the desert i feel the warm wind and sand between my toes... You strike my imagination in the best of ways :) You are an awesome artist! 

Peter Karlsson - From Stockholm, Sweden

My two paintings just arrived and they are STUNNING!!!
I am already saving for the next painting,
I am already choosing it............
Du är en FANTASTISK konstnär!

Brian Semmens - From Gaza, Israel

His art appeals to people who would not normally consider themselves "art lovers" (of course his art reaches the art lovers as well) but I believe Ric is introducing the appreciation of art to a far wider audience than just traditional art lovers.
His art is vibrant, uses contemporary images/visuals in new contexts.
Keep up the great work ! 

Tara Johnston Manning - From Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Ric is easily a genius..his lovely and haunting paintings set the imagination and the soul aflame.

Samantha Horne - From Cape Town, South Africa

Admiring your talent and determination to communicate those thoughts, and beliefs to the world. Past, future and present... use of pronouncing colors, evident symbolisms, reflections and perspective. It makes me believe you're on the right path. Pursuing your dreams!
Continue Painting, as it seems to touch everyone that has ...

Mark Carper:

With a wide range and a colorful, inspirational palette, ideas are translated to simplicity with creativity worthy of hanging on my wall, to ponder every day. This artist, has the right ideas that are more worthy of 5 hearts for love than 5 stars.

Danny Driggs:

Hey! GREAT ART!  I love this stuff! I have to say that, "Killing Time" is my favorite.  I joined your channel also. It's so cool to be able to watch your paintings progress and the antics in the videos are fun to watch too.

Sara Mendoza:

I love your work! Amo todo tu trabajo! Adoro Celeston the butterfly.....y tus palabras me llegan al alma, me conmueven :-) Your spirit is beautiful ♥ Sigue siempre asi!! Simplemente me encantas.......Abrazos

Toñi Vera

Te pongo una puntuación de cinco estrellas, porque no hay mas...... ¡¡¡Precioso tu trabajo¡¡¡¡

John E Regan - From London, UK

You truly are an inspiration to many other artists, myself included. I love the whole themes of your work.(Turning thoughts into Art) you videos give a good insight into the way you work with Acylics and you have stirred me to change from oils to Acrylics in the hope that some of your magic rubs of. Cheers Mate and enjoy your success. you rock!!

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